Misdiagnosed Lyme: Baltimore Man Awarded Nearly $800,000 in Lawsuit

LDA LymeRashPosterThe Daily Record, Maryland, (O’Neil, M.) 2.7.23, published an article regarding a Baltimore man who was awarded a $792,000 jury verdict after medical care providers at Patient First Primary and Urgent Care, Catonsville, misdiagnosed severe Lyme disease symptoms in this patient. The jurors concluded that the medical care provider breached the standard of care for this patient.

The medical staff misdiagnosed serious and progressive symptoms the patient reported and sought care for on multiple occasions. The first consultation occurred approximately one month (July 3, 2018) after the patient reported he had been camping (June 2018) when a “red itchy bug bite” on the underside of his arm developed; the second consultation was 3 weeks later when he experienced swelling lips and pain; and a third consult occurred on July 30, 2018 when the man presented with facial numbness, limp on the left side, and a drooping eyelid. At this third visit he was referred for a neurological exam at another facility. Cellulitis and allergic reaction were two of the misdiagnoses he received.

It is reported that the patient had been tested for and received a positive lab result for Lyme disease at the Urgent Care facility, but failed to make improvements with the 10 day course of oral antibiotics that were prescribed.

The patient then sought care at Johns Hopkins Lyme Disease Research Center where he was directly admitted to the hospital.  Johns Hopkins diagnosed him with central nervous system Lyme disease and Lyme meningitis. He received 4 weeks of IV antibiotics, but is still suffering with a number of debilitating symptoms including:  “back, neck, shoulder and joint pain, headaches, decreased range of movement in his shoulders, limping, difficulty standing or sitting for long periods, and some facial paralysis”.


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