The LDA offers a wide variety of resources, many free. Download and print free brochures, pie graphs and maps, order free handouts or low cost books, view and/or purchase scientific conference videos, access information on Lyme and kids and schools, apply for LymeAid 4 Kids funds for children without insurance for Lyme disease, read articles on disability and medical insurance, and view tick-borne diseases rash photos. Access the LDA’s Conflicts of Interest in Lyme Disease: Laboratory Testing, Vaccination, and Treatment Guidelines, written by author Pamela Weintraub for the LDA in 2001, years before her book, Cure Unknown Inside the Lyme Disease Epidemic, was published.


We are constantly trying to provide products and services to help raise awareness.  Here are the top ten picks over time.

TickLES (Kids’ 14 min prevention video) and Play Tick Tackler Video Game

Order Free Brochures (limited to 200)
Other Tick-Borne Diseases (co-infections) Dr. Referral (connect to Lyme-literate doctors nationally)
How A Tick Can Make You Sick (prevention PowerPoint geared to kids, schools & scouts) Lyme Disease Case Maps (where & how much US Lyme)
Medical Photos (ticks, rashes and microscropic images) How to Remove a Tick & Prevention
Public Service Announcements (free PSAs for your own use) LDA Printable Lyme Handouts