LDA Partner Organizations

LDANet Groups under the LDAnet umbrella Working together for a common cause

Lyme Disease Association, Inc. (National) [email protected]
Chapters: Part of LDA  
LDA Rhode Island Chapter (RI) [email protected]
Affiliates: Separate 501 (c)(3) org. affiliated with the LDA formerly, CALDA (CA)
Colorado Tick-Borne Disease Awareness Association
Florida Lyme Advocacy, Inc (FL) [email protected]
Lyme Assoc. of Greater Kansas City, Inc. (KS-MO)
Mid-Shore LDA, Inc. (MD)
Minnesota Lyme Association (MN)
Lyme Disease Network of New Jersey, Inc. (NJ) formerly LDA of Southeastern Pennsylvania, Inc. (PA)  
Oregon Lyme Disease Network (OR) [email protected]
Texas Lyme Disease Association, Inc. (TX)
Lyme Society Inc. (NY) [email protected]
Supporters: non 501 (c)(3) groups that lend their support to the LDA  
Alaska Lyme Support (AK) [email protected]
Blast Prevention Program (CT) [email protected]
Litchfield County Lyme Network (CT) [email protected]
Lyme Connection (Formally Ridgefield LD Task Force) [email protected]
Mid-Missouri Tick Illness Coalition (MO) [email protected]
Montana Lyme Support (MT) [email protected]
Brookfield, Wolfeboro NH Lyme Support (NH) [email protected]
NJ Lyme Resource (NJ)
New York Lyme Support Program (NY) [email protected]
Greenville Lyme Advocacy Group (SC) [email protected]
Military Lyme (CO) [email protected]
Lyme Disease Support Group Southwestern VT (VT) [email protected]
Jersey Shore Lyme Disease Support Group (NJ) [email protected]
Ticked Off (MA) [email protected]
Las Vegas Lyme Disease Association (NV) [email protected]
LymeAction PA (PA) [email protected]
Kentucky Lyme Disease Awareness (KY) [email protected]
NJ Tick Talk (NJ) [email protected]
Lyme Support Sacramento (CA) [email protected]
Fairfield Lyme Resource (CT) [email protected]
Massachusetts Lyme Legislative Task Force [email protected]
Greater St. Louis-Masters Support Group [email protected]
Lee-Ann Gordon, Montgomery County Regional Leader/PALRN (PA) [email protected]
Patient Centered Care Advocacy Group (MD) [email protected]
Austin Lyme Support Group (TX) [email protected]
Vermont Lyme (VT) [email protected]
Tick Squad, Sussex Co. NJ [email protected]