LDA Partner Organizations

LDANet Groups under the LDAnet umbrella Working together for a common cause

Lyme Disease Association, Inc. (National) [email protected]
Chapters: Part of LDA  
LDA Rhode Island Chapter (RI) [email protected]
Affiliates: Separate 501 (c)(3) org. affiliated with the LDA  
LymeDisease.org formerly, CALDA (CA) www.lymedisease.org
Colorado Tick-Borne Disease Awareness Association www.coloradoticks.org
Florida Lyme Advocacy, Inc (FL) [email protected]
Lyme Assoc. of Greater Kansas City, Inc. (KS-MO) www.lymefight.info
Mid-Shore LDA, Inc. (MD) www.marylandlyme.org
Minnesota Lyme Association (MN) www.mnlyme.com
Lyme Disease Network of New Jersey, Inc. (NJ) www.lymenet.org
LymeBasics.org formerly LDA of Southeastern Pennsylvania, Inc. (PA) www.lymepa.org www.lymebasics.org  
Oregon Lyme Disease Network (OR) [email protected]
Texas Lyme Disease Association, Inc. (TX) www.txlda.org
Lyme Society Inc. (NY) [email protected]
Supporters: non 501 (c)(3) groups that lend their support to the LDA  
Alaska Lyme Support (AK) [email protected]
Blast Prevention Program (CT) [email protected]
Litchfield County Lyme Network (CT) [email protected]
Lyme Connection (Formally Ridgefield LD Task Force) [email protected]
Mid-Missouri Tick Illness Coalition (MO) [email protected]
Montana Lyme Support (MT) [email protected]
Brookfield, Wolfeboro NH Lyme Support (NH) [email protected]
NJ Lyme Resource (NJ) www.NewJerseyLyme.org
New York Lyme Support Program (NY) [email protected]
Greenville Lyme Advocacy Group (SC) [email protected]
Military Lyme (CO) [email protected]
Lyme Disease Support Group Southwestern VT (VT) [email protected]
Jersey Shore Lyme Disease Support Group (NJ) [email protected]
Ticked Off (MA) [email protected]
Las Vegas Lyme Disease Association (NV) [email protected]
LymeAction PA (PA) [email protected]
Kentucky Lyme Disease Awareness (KY) [email protected]
NJ Tick Talk (NJ) [email protected]
Lyme Support Sacramento (CA) [email protected]
Fairfield Lyme Resource (CT) [email protected]
Massachusetts Lyme Legislative Task Force [email protected]
Greater St. Louis-Masters Support Group [email protected]
Lee-Ann Gordon, Montgomery County Regional Leader/PALRN (PA) [email protected]
Patient Centered Care Advocacy Group (MD) [email protected]
Austin Lyme Support Group (TX) [email protected]
Vermont Lyme (VT) [email protected]
Tick Squad, Sussex Co. NJ [email protected]