Free & Fun Video/PowerPoints for Kids

The Lyme Disease Association (LDA) and the University of Medicine & Dentistry of NJ School of Public Health partnered to create a video, TickLES (Tick Learning and Education for Schools) for students in grades 4-8. Under an Environmental Protection Agency grant, UMDNJ compiled an expert team to develop the material and make it kid friendly and fun! LDA, a project collaborator, is hosting the video on its site for free use by the public.    Click here for LDA Press Release

Tickles teach children prevention measures, what to do when bitten by a tick, how to recognize a tick attachment (bite) and the symptoms of Lyme disease. Since children ages 5-14 are at the greatest risk of acquiring Lyme disease, the LDA feels it is important to educate them on prevention and disease recognition

How A Tick Can Make You Sick, a PowerPoint, was developed solely by LDA after working for decades with schools on Lyme and other tick-borne diseases. Input was sought from doctors, a family psychotherapist, a former special services director, a microbiologist, teachers, Lyme group leaders, and kids. No medical advice is given or intended.

Everything is provided for general informational use only and specific questions need to be referred to tick experts and health care providers.

How A Tick Can Make You Sick PowerPoint  (Click Here For Powerpoint)







TickLES Video