LDA Intro – Lyme in the Schools

The Lyme Disease Association has been providing informational programs for schools since the early 90s, including a 1995 comprehensive (NJ) state wide program for school personnel.  LDA has inserviced educators in districts in a number of states and has educated school nurses and special education staff at the local, county and state levels. 

LDA has also provided school programs for students, developed an online prevention powerpoint (40 minutes) which can be used directly from the LDA website in the classroom for free. It includes 4 modules (10  minutes each), a pre and post test and a pronunciation guide. It is  suitable for schools, scouts, camps, and anyone who needs a short course in  prevention on Lyme, and it includes easy identification photos of ticks.

The LDA has published a special book for students who have chronic Lyme,  “Lyme Disease Is No Fun: Let’s Get Well!,  written and edited by  young women who both had Lyme as children and with a book cover note from  internationally acclaimed author Amy Tan, who is also a Lyme patient.  Additionally, LDA provides the ABC’s of Lyme Disease pamphlet written  specifically for parents and educators on the problems associated with  children. Several doctors and other health care and school specialists have  written brief but comprehensive pieces on specific areas of Lyme that affect  children.


LDA also lists papers written on Lyme and kids and the schools which can help guide parents through the difficult times of dealing with Lyme disease in their children and having them properly educated in the schools.