The Shopping Cart contains items that are published by the Lyme Disease Association and sold at or close to cost of production. These items include 2 books, brochures (which are free up to 200 copies, and above that a postage price applies) and DVDs/videos.  Many of the videos are from the Lyme Disease Association's fully accredited medical conferences (8 jointly sponsored by Columbia University).

Also in the cart are Literati with Lyme books which are books whose authors have chronic Lyme disease ( Amy Tan, Rebecca Wells, Jordan Fisher-Smith) and which have been donated to LDA by the publishers.
Other items may be added for sale as they become available.
All monies are used to support the programs of the LDA

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Our T-shirts create awareness and serve as a symbol of your support for those suffering with Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases. 

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By Marcus A. Cohen, Published 2004

LDA Ebook Note, 2018: Don't understand the Lyme issues and need a place to start? Lyme Disease Update: Science, Policy, & Law, published in 2004 by the Lyme Disease Association Inc. (LDA), is a resource book which summarizes the contentious issues in the prior decades of Lyme including some early legal actionsThe LDA is pleased to now be able to offer an Ebook for free download :  Kindle   Ibook   PDF

The book is a must for busy physicians who lack time to read the peer-review on Lyme disease and for patients who have been refused treatment or even a Lyme diagnosis, the doctor perhaps citing a negative test (the book documents seronegativity) or the patients’ lack of conformity to the CDC criteria, which are meant for surveillance purposes only─the reference is cited in the Update.  


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Does your child have Lyme disease? Does he or she feel alone and not know what to expect from family and friends? In line with the Lyme Disease Association’s long tradition of helping children, it has published a book for children 8-12 who have Lyme disease. Entitled Lyme Disease Is No Fun: Let’s Get Well!, the book is written by Mary Wall MS Ed, CCLS, a Columbia graduate student, and is edited by Colleen M. Smith, a peer-review medical journal production editor and Johns Hopkins grad─each has battled Lyme disease as a child. Author Amy Tan has written the back cover note.


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October 23, 2009

Lyme Disease Association and Columbia University 10th Annual Scientific Conference

Gaylord National Hotel & Convention Center, National Harbor, Maryland

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: List of Speakers, Agenda, Program Accreditation and Miscellaneous

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Conference compendium plus DVD Set (2) (approx. 6.75 hours) now available featuring a dozen speakers on areas impacting tick-borne diseases including the Lyme disease treatment debate, Treatment Controversies:


DVD set, plus the conference compendium To order by mail, please send check payable to Lyme Disease Association to the address above. DVD Set (2) (approx. 6.75 hours) now available featuring a dozen speakers on areas impacting tick-borne diseases including the Lyme disease treatment debate, Treatment Controversies: Lyme Disease with Ray Stricker, MD (President, International Lyme & Associated Diseases Society) Treatment the ILADS Perspective; and Paul Auwaerter, MD, (Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University), Treatment the IDSA Perspective. Other speakers are: Eisendle MD, PhD, Klaus (Focus Floating Microscopy as a Diagnostic Tool); Livengood, PhD, Jill (Bb in Nerve Tissue); Alaedini, PhD, Armin (Immunologic Findings in Chronic Lyme); Moeller, PhD, James (Biomarkers of Chronic Neurologic Lyme Disease: Brain Maps, Pain Pathways, & C6 ELISA); Clauw, MD, Dan (Fibromyalgia: A New View with Neuroimaging Findings); Yrjanainen, MD, PhD, Heta (Viable Bb after Ceftriaxone Therapy in Mice); Assi, MD, MPH, Maha (Lyme Disease Followed by Human Granulocytic Anaplasmosis in a Kidney Transplant); Mongodin, PhD, Emmanuel (Genomic Update); Feldman DVM, MPH, DACVPM, Katherine (Tularemia); Smith, Pat, LDA President (Introduction & LDA research projects) Please allow 4 weeks for delivery. Thank you


Philadelphia 2006 LDA/Columbia University Lyme & Other Tick-Borne Diseases: Seeking Answers through Science Conference

$49 for 2 DVD set, plus compendium Hard to find discussions about the elusive Borrelia burgdorferi cyst forms by world renowned researchers including Øystein Brorson, MD, and the possible links between Lyme disease & dementia by Alan MacDonald, MD. Also Jeffrey D. Rothstein, MD, Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University discusses new discoveries about antibiotics: “β-Lactam Antibodies Offer Neuroprotection by Increasing Glutamate Transporter Expression.” Other Speakers: David Ecker, Ph.D. – “Emerging Infections: Universal Biosensor Detection” Roger Lasken, Ph.D. – “Beyond PCR to Whole Genome Amplification” Keith Clay, Ph.D. – “Microbial Diversity within Ticks” Elisabeth Aberer, MD – “Laboratory Diagnosis of Lyme Disease in Europe ” Manuel Moro, DVM, MPH, Ph.D. – “Babesia microti Causes Down Regulation of Cytokines and Increased Severity of Lyme Arthritis” Daniel Cameron, MD, MPH – "Designing Research in the Clinical Setting" Diego Cadavid, MD – “Tissue Response to Chronic Borrelia Infection” Elisabeth Aberer, MD – “Cyst and L Forms in Dermatological Lyme and Persistence” Øystein Brorson, MD – “Cyst Forms and Antimicrobial Efficacy” Ernest Visconti, MD – “Looking Beyond Lyme: Differential Diagnosis” Brian A. Fallon, MD, MPH – “Uses and Abuses of Neuroimaging in Lyme Disease” Also, Pat Smith, LDA President, Lyme Disease: National Overview


Philadelphia 2005 Conference DVDs!

Philadelphia 2005 Conference DVDs! DVD set (2, approximately 6 hours total) of the LDA Lyme & Other Tick-Borne Diseases Conference: Emerging Tick-Borne Diseases, Philadelphia 2005 is now available! Includes Dr Sven Bergstrom on Relapsing Fever Borrelia; Dr. Steve Norris on Virulence Determinanats of Borrelia burgdorferi; Dr. Gregory Storch on Ehrlichiosis; Dr Martin Fried, Unique Dermatologic Manifestations of Tick-Borne Diseases; Dr. Ed Masters on STARI, AKA, Master's Disease; Dr. Terry Schultze on Assessment and Management of Vector Tick Populations; Dr. Susan Little on Tick-borne Diseases in the Southern US; Results of Lyme Disease Treatment Trial, Dr. Dan Cameron; 3D Culturing of Borrelia burgdorferi in a Micro Gravity Chamber, Dr Paul Duray; and Complementary Medicine Approaches to Treatment of Chronic Lyme Symptoms, Dr Richard Brown. $30


Lyme & Other Tick-Borne Diseases: Technology Leading the Way DVD, Rye, NY , November 2004.

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Philadelphia Medical Conference, Lyme & Other Tick-Borne Diseases:

Philadelphia Medical Conference, Lyme & Other Tick-borne Diseases: Current Strategies & A Map to the Future, c. 2003. 7.5 hours (2 DVDs). Sponsored by the LDA, 9 category 1 CME’s were awarded by Columbia . Speakers include Ken Nealson, PhD; Steven Schutzer, MD; Sherwood Casjens, PhD; Judith Miklossy, MD; Paul Duray, MD; Paul Fawcett, PhD; Carolyn Barley Britton, MD; Brian Fallon, MD; Joseph Burrascano, MD; Mitch Hoggard, RPh; Martin Fried, MD. $35.00.


Bartonella DVD!

DVD (1, approximately 40 minutes) Joseph Burrascano, MD, Bartonella: A Clinician's Viewpoint, Philadelphia 2005, is now available. $10


Time for Lyme, affiliate of the Lyme Disease Association

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Dr. Burrascano/Dr. Bransfield DVD, c. 2003.

Dr. Burrascano/Dr. Bransfield DVD, c. 2003. $15.00 A DVD featuring Joseph Burrascano, MD (internist) from East Hampton , New York , and Robert Bransfield, MD (psychiatrist) from Red Bank, New Jersey , discussing various aspects of Lyme disease. Produced for presentation at the June 2003 UK conference which LDA cosponsored.


Garden State Matters, c.1998.

Garden State Matters, c.1998, 30 minutes (1 tape), $5.00. Brian Fallon, MD, Columbia University ; Pat Smith, President, LDANJ; and a patient discuss Lyme issues such as coping with the disease and problems related to receiving an appropriate education.


Howell Education Forum 1998, c.1998,

Howell Education Forum 1998, c.1998, 2 hours, (1 tape), $5.00. Speakers include Brian Fallon, MD; Dorothy Pietrucha, MD; Terry Schultze, PhD, NJ State Health Department Research Scientist; Al Tagliabue, MEd, Director of Student Personnel & Community Services, Jackson, NJ, School District; Mike Meddis, Assistant Health Officer, Monmouth County Board of Health; Pat Smith, President, LDANJ, past president,Wall Township Board of Education


Lyme Disease Forum for Congressmen, Senators and Federal Officials, c.1998.

Lyme Disease Forum for Congressmen, Senators and Federal Officials, c.1998, 2 hours (1 tape), $5.00. Speakers include Brian Fallon, MD; Nick Harris, PhD; Ken Liegner, MD; Anthony Lionetti, MD; Dorothy Pietrucha, MD; Steven Schutzer, MD; and Pat Smith, President, LDANJ.


Lyme Disease Testing with Nick Harris, PhD, c.1997.

Lyme Disease Testing with Nick Harris, PhD, c.1997,1 tape, $5.00. Discussion of Lyme disease testing methods.


Kids Speak Out on Lyme, c.1993,

Kids Speak Out on Lyme, c.1993, 1 tape, $5.00. Many children speak out about the difficulties they face from having Lyme disease.


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