LDA Programs & Achievements

The Lyme Disease Association has worked hard to provide programs which will lead to the prevention and cure of Lyme disease. LDA has been successful in partnering with Time for Lyme, its Connecticut affiliate, to open the Lyme & Tick-Borne Diseases research Center at Columbia University where researchers are studying chronic Lyme disease. LDA has established Literati with Lyme, famous authors who have Lyme disease themselves who work to educate others, and LDA has hosted 22 Lyme & Tick-Borne Diseases Scientific Conferences, 20 in conjunction with Columbia University. Over 100 grants have been awarded for scientific research and education projects. LDA also has a track record of writing and/or actively supporting successful Lyme disease legislation in many states and specific language and monies for Lyme disease at the federal level.

Congressman Christopher H. Smith ((NJ-4) addresses the overflow audience at the June 2, 2010 Lyme Disease Congressional Forum in Wall Township, New Jersey which he hosted.