LDA Strategic Goals & Objectives

Enhance the capability and productivity of TBD researchers

  • Write for grants and hold fundraisers for Lyme disease research
  • Develop a direct mail campaign for Lyme disease research funding
  • Solicit Request for Proposals, RFPs, and award grants for Lyme and other tick-borne disease research, especially for chronic Lyme disease research
  • Utilize national spokesperson, Oscar-nominated actress Mary McDonnell, in national fundraising campaigns
  • Provide input into and promote legislative efforts to fund Lyme disease research

Reduce the spread of Lyme and other tick-borne diseases (TBD) throughout the general population

  • Provide public forums to present Lyme disease experts
  • Participate in public forums as a speaker
  • Participate in health fairs
  • Produce educational videos for website
  • Update and reprint LymeR Primer pamphlet for free distribution
  • Maintain a toll free information line
  • Maintain a website and links to other Lyme disease sites
  • Help develop and promote legislative efforts to reduce the spread of Lyme, through research and education
  • Provide free literature in Spanish, including on the website
  • Elicit cooperation with government agencies who share the same goal

Reduce the spread of Lyme and other tick-borne diseases in children

  • Participate in school in-services on Lyme disease for educator
  • Continue Professional Development provider status for State of New Jersey for educating teachers on Lyme disease
  • Distribute free ABC’s of Lyme Disease pamphlet for parents and educators
  • Develop, publish, and publicize How A Tick Can Make You Sick Powerpoint module for schools to be used free directly from LDA website (complete)
  • Continue to raise/distribute funds for children without insurance through LymeAid 4 Kids
  • Speak at conferences on the issues of children with Lyme disease
  • Support children’s education materials and forums sponsored by others, including monetary support
  • Provide input into and promote legislative efforts to reduce the spread of Lyme and TBDs and their complications relating to children

Educate physicians about Lyme and other tick-borne diseases

  • Host medical conferences offering Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits for physicians
  • Facilitate/encourage grand rounds on tick-borne diseases
  • Provide free brochures to physicians for them to distribute
  • Facilitate communications among physicians and researchers worldwide by keeping database upgraded, providing networking reception after annual conference, hosting small researcher meetings or “think tanks”
  • Work with physician groups who share common interest to stop the spread of tick-borne diseases.
  • Create case maps and incidence maps for website publication using CDC numbers for 1990-2007 (complete)

Facilitate Lyme disease patient wellness

  • Maintain toll free line for automated Lyme disease information
  • Maintain free automated doctor referrals
  • Educate patients about dangers of TBDs
  • Refer patients to other services related to Lyme disease

Improve cooperation with public officials on tick-borne disease strategies

  • Meet with state officials including health commissioners, legislators, others to raise awareness and keep them informed of LDA work on the disease and on patient and doctor concerns
  • Invite health officials to LDA medical conferences and public forums including as speakers
  • Speak at health department and other official Lyme disease forums
  • Provide doctors as speakers for public official forums
  • Maintain a current data base of physician and researcher contact information
  • Provide input into and promote legislative efforts to fund TBD research
  • Attend or arrange speakers for government conferences on tick-borne diseases.

Integrate other groups into LDA nationwide effort

  • Speak at forums sponsored by other groups
  • Support other groups’ educational activities with materials, publicity, LDA personnel, and monetarily when possible
  • Increase nationwide travel for improved relationships
  • Add additional affiliates, chapters, supporters when feasible
  • Hold annual LDA chapter, affiliate, supporter meeting