Lawsuit over at-home Lyme disease test gets dismissed after settlement

at-home Lyme disease test

MassLive, Greta Jochem, 1.3.2024, reports on “Lawsuit over at-home Lyme disease test gets dismissed after settlement.” This article reports on the dismissal of a class action lawsuit against LetsGetChecked, a company offering an at-home Lyme disease test. The lawsuit was filed in Jun by a Western Massachusetts woman and TruthCures, a Kansas-based nonprofit group, claiming that the tests were deceptive and inaccurate. The case was voluntarily dismissed with prejudice by the filers, meaning it cannot be brought again in the future, following a confidential settlement.

The terms of the settlement are undisclosed. However, LetsGetChecked has agreed to “never ever again sell Lyme diagnosis tests directly to consumers.” Currently, the tests are listed as out of stock on their online store. The company, based in New York and Dublin, did not comment on the case. 

The LetsGetChecked Lyme disease test, priced at $119, involves users sending a blood sample from a finger prick for testing and receiving an online results days later. The test looks for antibodies indicating the presence of Lyme disease, with physicians reviewing the results. However, the article notes that there are no FDA-approved Lyme disease tests for at-home sample collection. The lawsuit argued that the inaccurate test could prevent people from detecting Lyme disease, leading to missed opportunities for early diagnosis and treatment. 

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