Illinois Rep. Legislation Raises Money for Lyme Research Through Decal Sales

Lyme disease research decalsAn article on Peoria, by Peoria Standard, 12.27.2023, reports on “New Illinois Laws Taking Effect in 2024.” Illinois Representative Swanson proposes House Bill HB 2584, which will allow the Department of Natural Resources to issue Lyme disease research decals with the proceeds going towards funding research on Lyme disease in Illinois. NBC Chicago reports that “$10 of each issuance and $23 of each renewal will go to the Tick Research, Education and Evaluation Fund, which will be paid as grants to the Illinois Lyme Association.”

House Bill 2584 states it “Provides that the Department of Natural Resources may issue a Lyme disease research decal for universal special license plates. Creates the Tick Research, Education, and Evaluation Fund and provides that all money in the fund must be paid as grants to the Illinois Lyme Association.”  No other details have been announced as to how the plates will be issued.

There is also another House bill, HB 2855, that states there will be changes made to the Lyme Disease Task Force. The Lyme Disease Task Force advises the Department on disease prevention and surveillance and provider and public education relating to Lyme disease. The next Lyme Disease Task Force meeting will be held on January 18, 2024. Click here for more information for next and upcoming meetings.

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