Impending Conflict Between FDA & States Regulating Psychedelics

JAMA Network, 12.08.2023, published, “State-Regulated Psychedelics on a Collision Course With FDA.” In this online viewpoint article, Mason Marks, MD, JD, discusses that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) may soon approve psychedelics for treating conditions of depression, posttraumatic stress disorder, and other indications, but that psychedelics are currently considered Schedule I controlled substances with high potential for abuse; and are currently not accepted for medical use. 

Though state legislation for psilocybin psychedelics has been passed in both Oregon and Colorado and will be considered in 2024 legislation for several additional states; the production, possession, and sale of psychedelics are federal felonies (outside of very specific research allowances). Businesses that propose medical benefits through use of these substances are in further violation of federal law. State psychedelic programs are pushing the boundaries between psychedelics and health care services, triggering intervention by the FDA.

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