Researchers Are Using Online Search Behavior to Understand Tick Prevention

Science by the Slice, 12.06.2023, released “Tick Talk: How Researchers Are Using Online Search Behavior to Understand Tick Prevention.” In the episode of this podcast, Dr. Lauri Baker and Cheng-Xian Yang share their research on ticks and tick-borne diseases, focusing on public perceptions and behaviors related to these issues. The conversation delves into the reasons people should be concerned about ticks, particularly highlighting the risks associated with tick-borne diseases such as Alpha-gal syndrome and the threat posed to agricultural animals by ticks like the Asian Longhorned tick.

The research involves analyzing online behavior, specifically Google Trends and Twitter conversations, to understand how people search for information about ticks and their preventive measures. The team’s findings suggest that tweets with visuals engage more audiences, while those containing URLs for external information have lower engagement rates. The research aims to improve communication strategies by leveraging social media platforms effectively for health education and prevention. Dr. Baker and the team plan to conduct surveys to understand people’s knowledge about ticks and collaborate with healthcare professionals for a broader perspective.

Overall, the goal of this research is to bridge the gap between scientific understanding and public perception regarding tick-related health risks. The findings aim to inform better communication strategies, empower individuals with knowledge for prevention, and ultimately reduce health risks associated with ticks and tick-borne diseases.

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