Anti-Tumor Necrosis Factor Biologic: Key to Reversing Neurological Illnesses?

The British Pharmacological Society Journals (Clark, IA and Vissel, B) 09.26.2023, published “Autocrine positive feedback of tumor necrosis factor from activated microglia proposed to be of widespread relevance in chronic neurological disease.” In this study, researchers suggest that persistence of tumor necrosis factor (TNF) through a “positive feedback loop” of this cytokine is involved in chronic central nervous system (CNS) illnesses. The disease states are proposed to occur from excess TNF which creates persistent activation of microglial (brain/spinal) cells that are produced during this process. By delivering the specific anti-TNF biological, etanercept, to the central nervous system through perispinal administration, certain neurological conditions may be reversed. 

Authors propose that this novel treatment permits chronically activated brain/spinal cells to revert to their normal inactive state, reversing neurological disease processes. The list of potentially reversible neurologic diseases/conditions through administration of this therapy is vast and includes Lyme disease and long COVID, as well as certain psychiatric conditions in association Lyme disease and long COVID, or as separate psychiatric states. This novel therapy shows promise for reversing many chronic CNS conditions/illnesses that arise from both infectious and non-infectious roots, and requires further understanding and exploration.

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