Prominent Researchers: The State of Lyme Disease: Progress & Challenges

Top Lyme disease researchers from across the United States have collaborated on a new publication, Recent Progress in Lyme Disease and Remaining Challenges. In this review article, researchers summarize the state of Lyme over the past 5 years, addressing major scientific advances as well as identifying remaining challenges and needs. Topics covered in the publication include diagnosis, testing, signs and symptoms of disease, treatment, genomics, vector transmission, pathogenesis, persistence of disease, and prevention and funding. The long-term impact of Lyme disease on patients has historically been controversial, however the authors present escalating evidence that supports the idea that a great number of patients experience persistent symptoms following treatment, and that this number continues to grow.  Necessary funding to support advancement in the scientific and clinical understanding of the disease, or to develop and evaluate innovative approaches for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment has been greatly lacking in the research community, and authors highlight the urgent need for more support. Although Lyme disease is a growing public health concern globally, this review article focuses primarily on the condition and resources of the United States. Read the full review article here Read more LDA articles here