Torrey vs. IDSA/Insurers Lawsuit Update: Proceedings Delayed ‘Till Feb.

The Lyme Disease Association is providing an update regarding Torrey vs. IDSA/Insurers, the federal lawsuit filed by 24 Lyme patients against six members of the Infectious Disease Society of America (IDSA) and eight insurance companies in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, Texarkana Division.

Recently, two documents were filed electronically by the suit’s mediator. The first announces that Kaiser Permanente, one of the eight insurance company Defendants, has settled with the Plaintiffs. The second stated that the mediation session, which commenced in February of this year, has been suspended, and that “the undersigned mediator will continue to work with the parties in an effort to settle”.

More recently, according to Investigative journalist and author, Mary Beth Pfeiffer, “Proceedings have again been delayed, to 2/14/20. Parties will report by 1/31/20 on ‘agreements and/or differences concerning the case schedule, the amount of time necessary to finish discovery and trial timing.'”

At this stage, this is all the information that has been released to the public. Details regarding the terms or amount of the settlement are currently unknown. The lawsuit was initially filed in 2017 on behalf of the group of Lyme disease patients who claim they have been denied care, as well as harmed, under existing insurance and medical protocols. The litigation proceedings will continue in the U.S. District Court in Texarkana, Texas.

LDA will provide updates when we have them. You can also continue to watch for updates on Mary Beth Pfeiffer’s website and Twitter feed

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