Researchers: Lyme Monies Available from CDMRP

The Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program (CDMRP) has announced funding opportunities under the auspices of the Tick-Borne Diseases Programmatic Panel. $5 million has been appropriated for tick-borne diseases research through the Department of Defense budget for the 2016 (FY16) CDMRP program. Research specifically involving the following areas is being sought:


  • Host-pathogen interactions
  • Human immune response
  • Mechanisms of persistence of Lyme disease
  • New research tools to support studies of pathogenesis


  • Interrupting the natural cycle
  • Personal protection measures
  • Targeted vaccines
  • Post-exposure prophylaxis


  • Direct detection of tick-borne pathogens or their products in humans
  • Biomarkers for diagnosis


  • Innovative approaches to treatment
  • Basic studies aimed at safe and effective treatments for the cause of persistent symptoms in Lyme disease
  • Biomarkers of effective prognosis, therapy and cure

Applications addressing persistence and direct detection of Lyme borreliae are highly encouraged.

2016 cdmrp

2016 cdmrp2


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A detailed description of the funding opportunity, evaluation criteria, and submission requirements can be found in the Program Announcements. The Program Announcements are available electronically for downloading from the website, the CDMRP website ( and the electronic Biomedical Research Application Portal (eBRAP) (

All CDMRP funding opportunities, both recently and previously released, are available on the CDMRP website. Listing of all open CDMRP funding opportunities can be obtained on the website by performing a basic search using CFDA Number 12.420.

Submission is a two-step process requiring both (1) pre-application submission through the electronic Biomedical Research Application Portal (eBRAP) ( and (2) application submission through  Refer to the General Application Instructions, Section II.A. for registration and submission requirements for eBRAP and

eBRAP is a multifunctional web-based system that allows PIs to submit their pre-applications electronically through a secure connection, to view and edit the content of their pre-applications and full applications, to receive communications from the CDMRP, and to submit documentation during award negotiations and period of performance.   A key feature of eBRAP is the ability of an organization’s representatives and PIs to view and modify the application submissions associated with them.  eBRAP will validate application files against the specific Program Announcement/Funding Opportunity requirements and discrepancies will be noted in an email to the PI and in the Full Application Files tab in eBRAP.  It is the applicant’s responsibility to review all application components for accuracy as well as ensure proper ordering as specified in this Program Announcement/Funding Opportunity.

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For questions: Researchers contact trained staff at the Electronic Biomedical Research Applications Portal (eBRAP) help desk, available Monday through Friday (except Holidays). Standard hours are 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. eastern standard time (ET).
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