The Real Cost of Tick Control

Lyme Endmic Landscape with HomeJournal of Medical Entomology (Schulze, T.L., et al.) 08.04.2023 published an open access article, “Community-based integrated tick management programs: cost and feasibility scenarios.” In this article, researchers explore the cost of tick control methods to suppress populations of the blacklegged tick (Ixodes scapularis). Investigators estimated costs for various control methods including: habitat management, deer exclusion, population reduction, and acaricide applications that were broadcast as well as host-targeted. Control method costs were evaluated alone or in combinations that were applied in a model Lyme endemic community of 320 residential properties and parklands.

Findings showed that tick control based on a single method was estimated to have mean annual cost per household ranging from $132 to greater than $2,000; combination control methods showed the annual costs between $508 and 3,192 annually. Researchers stated a large disconnect between what people that live in Lyme endemic areas communicate they are willing to pay for tick control; and the actual costs for tick control. Researchers discuss further additional barriers to implementing integrated tick management programs within endemic residential communities.

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