Forms of Lyme Bacteria (Bb) Studied: May Affect Persistence

International Journal of Molecular Sciences (Corak, N., et al.) Lyme Bacteria3.15.23, published “Pleomorphic Variants of Borreliella (syn. Borrelia) burgdorferi Express Evolutionary Distinct Transcriptomes.” The study examined the lifecycle of B. burgdorferi, and its development of numerous pleomorphic forms, to gain clarity regarding possible biological and medical importance.

Results of the study point to the likelihood that bleb and biofilm morphotypes may be important in the dissemination and persistence of B. burgdorferi inside mammalian hosts. However, a large pool of unstudied Borreliaceae-specific genes is prioritized for functional characterization since this subset is likely to contain undiscovered Lyme disease pathogenesis genes.

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