Connections Between Bartonella-Associated Cutaneous Lesions & Neuropsych Symptoms

Frontiers (Stewart Z., et al.) 10.24.2023, published “Crowd-sourced investigation of a potential relationship between Bartonella-associated cutaneous lesions and neuropsychiatric symptoms.” This article explores the potential relationship between Bartonella bacteria infections and psychiatric symptoms, focusing on how certain skin lesions associated with Bartonella might coincide with neuropsychiatric issues.

Researchers gathered their study from a large-scale crowd-sourced investigation using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk (MTurk) platform. They presented images of various skin lesions, including Bartonella-associated lesions, to participants who self-reported recognizing these on their own bodies. Results indicated that individuals who identified BACL reported higher levels of anxiety, depression, and schizotypy symptoms compared to those who did not recognize these lesions. However, the study faced limitations, including the reliance on self-identification of skin lesions and the lack of definitive diagnostic measures for Bartonella infection.

The study highlights a potential link between Bartonella-associated skin lesions and psychiatric symptoms, but emphasizes the need for further research with more precise diagnostic methods.

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