Parental Attitude Toward Lyme Vaccines for Children

Lyme Vaccines for ChildrenScience Direct (Gidengil, C., et al.) 03.19.2024, published, “Lyme disease vaccine attitudes and intentions among parents of children aged 5–18 years in the United States.” In this study, an online survey of 1,351 parents of children aged 5–18 years was conducted in states with high and/or emerging prevalence of Lyme disease to determine willingness for their child to receive a Lyme disease vaccine, and preference for vaccine type. 

Results of the study showed that 2/3 of parents would have their child vaccinated against LD, especially parents residing in high incidence states. Slightly more parents preferred annual monoclonal antibody injections versus a 3-dose vaccine series with boosters. Among the top reasons for hesitation of vaccination were safety concerns.

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