Congressman Smith Hosted Lyme Forum

Announcement From the Office of Congressman Chris Smith Save the Date
Congressman Christopher Smith (4-NJ) is hosting a Congressional Lyme Disease Forum in Wall Township, New Jersey, on June 2, 2010, 7PM, at the Wall Township Municipal Building. The panel of speakers includes renowned Lyme disease experts Dr. Nick Harris, IGeneX Labs, an authority on testing for tick-borne diseases, and Dr. Joseph Burrascano, recognized internationally for his guidelines on Lyme disease treatment. Other speakers will include (pending Army approval) tick expert Dr. Ellen Stromdahl, entomologist, U.S. Army CHPPM, who will discuss what species of ticks are found, where and what organisms are being found in ticks, and Pat Smith., president, of the national Lyme Disease Association.

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LDA Update after the Event

About 350 people showed up, spilling out into the hallways, at the Wall Municipal Buidling to hear the speakers and to ask questions. The program lasted from 7PM until almost 11PM, when it was stopped due to the lateness of the hour. A young man with Lyme, Myles Hutcherson, opened the program with a talk about how Lyme has affected his life and the obstacles he has had to overcome. He is 10 years old. LDA President Pat Smith followed with the spread of Lyme disease and the reasons patients are unable to get diagnosis and treatment and this is why legislation is being sought. Dr. Stromdahl spoke about the work of the US Army Public Health Service (formerly US Army CHPPM) which has a tick collection program for armed forces members and their dependents. Dr. Nick Harris presented a comprehensive program on the testing for Lyme disease and why some of the problems exist with current tests and interpretations. Dr. Joseph Burrascano closed the program with a powerpoint on diagnosing and treating Lyme disease and on the many co-infections. The forum shows the extent of the problem in the region.