Lawsuit Over Home Test for Lyme Disease

Gavel representing lawsuit

MassLive (Jochem, G.) 10.06.2023, published “Western Massachusetts woman files lawsuit over home test for Lyme disease.” A lawsuit has been filed in Springfield’s U.S. District Court against LetsGetChecked, a company providing a home test for Lyme disease. Moira Kerans from Dalton and TruthCures, a nonprofit focused on Lyme disease, are the plaintiffs seeking $5 million in damages. They allege that the test is inaccurate, deceives customers, and violates consumer protection laws.

The LetsGetChecked test, priced at $119 and sold online, claims to identify Lyme disease through antibody detection using a blood sample taken via a finger prick. However, the FDA has not approved any home tests for Lyme disease, and the LetsGetChecked test is not allowed in New York State. The CDC recommends FDA-approved tests and warns against relying on tests not approved by the FDA due to concerns about their reliability.

The plaintiffs argue that the test is being marketed as a substitute for a doctor’s visit, which they claim it cannot be. They express concern that by using an allegedly inaccurate test, individuals may miss the opportunity for early diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease. LetsGetChecked has responded, stating their strong disagreement with the lawsuit’s claims and refraining from further comments due to the ongoing legal proceedings.

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