Congratulations Dr. Baumgarth: 1st Director, JHU Lyme & TBD Institute

Dr. Nicole Baumgarth

Baltimore Magazine article (Woolever, L.) 3.23, “Game Changer: Nicole Baumgarth was named director of the new Johns Hopkins University’s Lyme & Tickborne Diseases Research and Education Institute.” The Institute hopes to be “the basic arm of research work surrounding tick-borne diseases at Hopkins.”  Focus areas included ticks, tick ecology, pathogen, and immune response.

LDA NOTE: The Lyme Disease Association, Inc. congratulates Dr. Baumgarth on her new position. She has spoken at a number of LDA-Columbia University’s Lyme & Tick-Borne Diseases CME annual conferences including as the 2017 Keynote speaker, “Nicole Baumgarth, UC Davis,  “Bb outmaneuvering the adaptive immune system,” and in 2014 as speaker, “Immune suppression during infection of mice with Bb.”



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2017 LDA Conferences with Baumgarth


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