Borrelia afzelii in Northeastern Greece Linked to Aseptic Meningitis Infection

Borrelia afzeliiTropical Medicine Infectious Disease (Kouroupis, D., et al.) 01.19.2024, published “Aseptic Meningitis Linked to Borrelia afzelii Seroconversion in Northeastern Greece: An Emerging Infectious Disease Contested in the Region.” In this case report, authors describe a case of aseptic meningitis in a young woman that was associated with antibodies against B.afzelii, a prevalent Lyme bacteria in Europe. This patient had no relevant travel history outside of her region, Thasos Island in Northeastern Greece. 

The patient presented as a typical case of meningoencephalitis, with fever and severe headache. Testing showed lymphocytic pleocytosis in cerebrospinal fluid with specific IgG antibodies present against B. afzelii.  This is a case of symptomatic seroconversion against B. afzelii in a region where no cases of endemic Borreliosis have been described. Authors recommend elevated awareness among clinicians for this emerging infectious disease which remains controversial and potentially underreported in Greece.

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