Babesia microti: Vertical Transmission Concerns During Pregnancy

Babesia microtiVeterinary Sciences (Jasik, K.P., et al.) 01.03.2024 published, “Histopathological Aspects of the Influence of Babesia microti on the Placentas of Infected Female Rats.” In this study, researchers assessed the impact of Babesia microti infection on the microscopic structure of placentas in rats. B. microti parasites were detected in both maternal and fetal vessels, and several microscopic changes in cells were observed as a result of parasitic penetration.

The changes observed, “vacuolization of syncytioblasts and cytotrophoblasts, accumulation of collagen fibers in placental villi, and increased adhesion of erythrocytes to the vascular walls,” may influence outcomes of pregnancy. Based on these findings, authors suggest that more study is needed on B. microti and processes of vertical transmission during pregnancy.

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