Results of Lyme Vaccine Phase 1 Study

Photo of multiple colored vials with needle/syringe

The Lancet Journal (Bézay, N., et al.) 07.04.2023, published “Safety and immunogenicity of a novel multivalent OspA-based vaccine candidate against Lyme borreliosis: a randomised, phase 1 study in healthy adults.” This study investigates a Lyme borreliosis vaccine candidate (VLA15) to prevent an infection with pathogenic Borrelia spp which in prevalent in North America.

Lyme borreliosis can potentially lead to long-term complications and so developing a vaccine that could prevent such serious effects would be life changing. Trials were performed on a randomized group of eligible healthy adults between 18 and 40 years old. Adverse reactions to the vaccine ranged from mild to moderate (please read the article for more details of adverse reactions). The results of the trials were that the VLA15 vaccine against Lyme borreliosis was safe and immunogenic, meaning it was able to produce an immune response, and “paves the way to further clinical development.”

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Read the article on the Lancet website.