Neurological & Hematological Manifestation of Babesiosis

Relapsing BabesiosisCureus, (Tejaswi V, et al.) published “Atypical Presentation of Babesiosis With Neurological Manifestations as Well as Hematological Manifestations” on July 13, 2022. In this article, authors present the atypical manifestations of babesiosis in 2 elderly patients who were both admitted for care with symptoms of confusion, cognitive impairment, slurred speech, ataxia, fever, myalgias and chills, urinary frequency, and urgency. Both patients had additional health issues, or comorbidities. Results of extensive work-ups revealed the possibility of hemolytic infections. Neither patient had a history of travel outside the US, nor did they recall tick bites. Because neither patient had traveled outside the US, babesiosis was suspected over malaria.

Both patients were treated for babesiosis, Lyme and anaplasmosis. The second patient was additionally treated for Mycoplasma infection. Authors observed improvement in cognition, speech within two days of treatment commencement. Both patients showed completely resolved hemolysis, parasitic load, and neurological manifestations after treatment follow-up.

Authors note that their review of literature produced little documentation regarding neurologic manifestations associated with babesiosis. They caution that it is imperative for clinicians to suspect babesiosis when hematologic and neurologic symptoms manifest, especially for people that reside in or have traveled to endemic areas.

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