Diversification of Bourbon Virus in New York State

Microscopic image of Bourbon virus
Microscopic image of Bourbon virus.

The Microorganisms Journal (Lange R. E., et al.) 06.12.2023, published “Diversification of Bourbon Virus in New York State.”

This study aims to clarify the genetic characteristics of Bourbon virus (BRBV) strains from New York State. The study identified two different strains of BRBV in New York State and suggests that these strains could “contribute to increased spread of BRBV in the northeastern US.”

The Bourbon virus is a tickborne virus that was first identified in Bourbon County Kansas, and is known to be detected in the lower midwestern US. But since 2020, the Bourbon virus has been reported in eastern states including North Carolina, Virginia, New Jersey, and New York State.


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