94% Lyme, 6% Other Tick-Borne Disease Says Fair Health Claims Analysis

Fair Health, is “an independent non-profit that collects data for and manages the nation’s largest database of privately billed health insurance claims,” including Medicare Parts A & B. In December 2019, it published a white paper “Trends and Patterns in Lyme Disease, An Analysis of Private Claims Data. The Paper analyzed 30 billion privately billed health insurance claims to compare trends and patterns in Lyme disease with other tick-borne diseases. For 2018, 94% of claim lines for tick-borne diseases were for Lyme disease, 6% were for other tick-borne diseases. See the graph below for details.

Fair Health also made an expert presentation to the 2020 Training, Education, Access to Care, and Reimbursement subcommittee.

NOTE: Lyme Disease Association Inc. has permission from Fair Health to use the graphic below.

Link to Wall Street Journal Published Fair Health Data 

Link to Fair Health White Paper


Lyme cases vs. all other tick borne diseases