Be Tick Wise in the Fall & Checkout Repellents

Fall is here and ticks are very active. If you are planning time outdoors, you may want to consider how to prepare yourself and your family. How to dress, tick checks, property prevention and other ways to avoid tick exposure and bites can be found on the LDA website /index.php/about-lyme/prevention and on the EPA website

If you are considering sprays for clothes or for skin, check on safety and efficacy information on the The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website

Find insect repellent that is right for you

Skin-Applied Repellent Ingredients

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also has a link to LDA’s LymeR Primer where you can find great information on 15 tick-borne diseases. The LDA partners with EPA to help prevent exposure to ticks. (Scroll down for LDA LymeR Primer)