Outcomes of Gestational Lyme Disease

Gestational Lyme DiseaseInternational Journal of  Gynecology and Obstetrics (Courville, J.M., et al.) 01.21.2024, published, “Obstetrical and neonatal outcomes in women with gestational Lyme disease.” In this study, researchers examined the effects of gestational Lyme disease on obstetrical and neonatal outcomes by conducting a retrospective cohort study of pregnant patients. They utilized data of women admitted to the hospital between 2016 and 2019 from the Healthcare Cost & Utilization Project National (Nationwide) Inpatient Sample from the US.

Of the 2,943,575 women in the cohort, 226 of them were diagnosed with LD during pregnancy. Lyme disease incidence remained stable over the study period with 7.67 per 100 000 pregnancy admissions. It is noted that pregnant patients with Lyme disease were more likely white, older, women with private health insurance, and in a higher income bracket. Data showed that gestational Lyme disease is associated with both an increased risk of placental abruption and preterm birth.

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