Lyme Disease & Pregnancy Research & Opportunities Webinar

On April 29th, 2021, Mothers Against Lyme & Project Lyme presented an interactive webinar Lyme Disease and Pregnancy: State of the Science and Opportunities for Research Support featuring Holly Ahern, MS, MT (ASCP), Sue Faber, RN, BScN, and representatives from the NIH.

It is known that Lyme disease, Borrelia burgdorferi, can cross the placenta, causing infection in unborn children, but there is little published research on the topic. This lack of information hurts healthcare providers and patients in terms of diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

The webinar, with more than 200 people registered, gave researchers an opportunity to hear the science on Lyme and pregnancy, and to learn about the application process for newly available funds from the Federal government, as presented by NIH program officers.

Watch the webinar below on YouTube. See links below for pdf’s of 2 presentations and supplemental information.

The LDA thanks Project Lyme, Mothers Against Lyme, Holly Ahearn (MS, MT), and Sue Faber RN, BScN for their work on Lyme and pregnancy and for this webinar.

The webinar was recorded and available to view on YouTube.
Click here to watch the webinar   See pdf’s below.

Below are 2 of the presentations and supplemental information in pdf form.

Lyme disease and Pregnancy – Epidemiology and Pathobiology of Borrelia: Implications for Research by Holly Ahern, MS, MT (ASCP), Associate Professor of Microbiology, State University of New York, Adirondack; Vice-President Lyme Action Network; Scientific Advisor for Focus on Lyme; Advisory Board for Mothers Against Lyme, and Mom

Maternal-Fetal Transmission of Lyme Disease: Research Gaps and Opportunities by Sue Faber RN, BScN, Co-Founder and President of LymeHope

Lyme and Pregnancy Webinar Supplemental Information by Sue Faber, RN BScN