Lepore, Timothy

Timothy Lepore, MD, FACS Lepore
General Surgery, Family Practice Physician
Surgeon, Nantucket Cottage Hospital
Nantucket, MA


Dr. Lepore is a graduate of Harvard College and Tufts Medical School. He did a surgical residency at New England Medical Center. He practiced initially at Roger Williams Hospital in Providence, RI. When an opportunity to move to Nantucket opened up he moved with his wife and family and started working at Nantucket Cottage Hospital on January 1, 1983.

He is a solo private practitioner. He had the good fortune to meet Andy Spielman, Sam Telford, Gustave Dammin and Peter Krause all tick borne disease researchers. Recognizing that he was in a hot bed of tick borne diseases he got involved in the research of these issues.

Conference Lecture Summary

Tularemia is a tick borne pathogen traditionally associated with rabbit hunting. Tularemia in Massachusetts has a very definite history, only appearing after 1935 with the introduction of Midwestern rabbits. The islands of Nantucket and Marthas Vineyard have a very different history with Tularemia involving a pneumonic presentation. The discussion will be about the ecology of this atypical presentation.