USDA Approves Mouse Vaccine Against Spread of Lyme Bacteria

US Biologic, Inc., published on PR Newswire, 5.09.23, “USDA Approves Novel Vaccine Against Wildlife Spread
of the Bacterium Responsible for Lyme Disease.” US Biologic, Inc., a leading developer and distributor of oral-delivery vaccines, announced the USDA Conditional Licensure of its novel oral vaccine against the spread of Borrelia burgdorferi in mice.

Picture of White-Footed Mouse
White Footed Deer Mouse; photo credit James L. Occi, PhD; LDA Professional Advisory Board

The vaccine is called “Borrelia Burgdorferi Bacterin” and is sprayed onto pellets consumed by mice. Real-world impact field trials showed the product meets all Conditional Licensure requirements such as addressing an emergency condition and demonstrated safety, and were conducted and co-published by the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies, the CDC, the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station (CAES), the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Yale University, and others.

US Biologic will deliver the product to residential settings, public lands, such as parks, and commercial areas, such as golf courses.

The Company will collaborate closely with federal and state health agencies, pest management professionals who service high-risk areas, as well as  partners like the Global Lyme Alliance and the Lyme Disease Association, Inc.*

Picture of mouse food pellets
Mouse vaccine pellets

Other Information on product from LDA: The LDA communicated with US Biologic for clarification as to whether the product is effective against other Borrelia or other wildlife hosts. The USDA claim is strictly about Borrelia burgdorferi and applies only to mice in the wild. The product is a controlled biologic so application requires a licensed pest management specialist or licensed field biologist for disbursement.  

LDA Disclaimer: The information presented is for informational purposes only. The LDA does not endorse professionals, products or services. The LDA does not make specific product recommendations or grant any warranties.

* As a listed strategic partner of US Biologic in this tick-borne diseases field, LDA has interacted with them regarding the issue of Lyme & tick-borne diseases, need for prevention that is safe and effective, and LDA will continue to do so. LDA will also provide the public with information on US Biologic’s ongoing efforts in this area.

Picture of mouse vaccine pellet distribution device.
Mouse vaccine pellet distribution

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