LDA Memorializes Advocate with Education Grant

The Lyme Disease Association Board of Directors has set up an educational grant in honor of the late Dr. Lis Heininger, who was long time Chapter Chair of the Corning/Fingerlakes Area Lyme Disease Association Chapter. The grant will be awarded annually to an individual advocate or an organization that has little to no funds to operate and may face adverse personal conditions yet continues to work for the Lyme cause. This year, LDA has awarded the first Dr. Lis Heininger Memorial Education Grant to the Lyme Disease United Coalition in Iowa, whose president, Judy Weeg, has overcome tremendous obstacles yet has continued her work with the Coalition.

The idea behind the grant is to memorialize everything Dr. Heininger had done for Lyme disease in spite of the considerable obstacles thrown in her path from Lyme. Her dedication, passion, and strength are traits which helped her to educate so many people about tick-borne diseases. She impacted thousands of people with her outreach efforts and broke many barriers in the region which were impeding educational efforts.

Dr. Heininger, one of many people originally misdiagnosed with MS, was dedicated to education to prevent this tragedy from happening to others. Correctly diagnosed with chronic Lyme a decade ago, she hosted many community awareness programs, including a local Lyme disease awareness walk. She educated local Boy Scout troops, made presentations to the public, in schools and on TV. She played an important role as a chronic Lyme advocate in all levels of government and took time to meet with legislators, bringing her story, the latest research findings and her incredible determination to the forefront in an attempt to make a difference for future generations
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