Long Island, NY – Senator Schumer Press Conference

Remarks of Pat Smith, President, Lyme Disease Association, Inc. (LDA) Senator Schumer’s Press Conference, Long Island, New York, July 13, 2006

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Lyme, the most prevalent vector-borne disease in the US is found in over 80 countries worldwide. About 220,000 new cases of Lyme disease develop each year, and some studies indicate 15-34% or more may develop into chronic disease.

The range of ticks is spreading nationwide and they now carry a whole host of TBDs which can complicate diagnosis and treatment.

One bite of a deer tick may infect you with Lyme and perhaps babesiosis, anaplasmosis, encephalitis, maybe even bartonellosis.

One bite of the lone star tick, spreading rapidly region-wide, may infect you with Lyme-like STARI, Ehrlichiosis, tick paralysis and perhaps RMSF.

One bite of the American dog tick, often BTW, dismissed by the physician with a “don’t worry, that’s not a deer tick, “wave, may infect you with RMSF, tularemia and perhaps Ehrlichiosis.

The deer tick is hard to remove once it bites you, since it has fish hook like barbs and it secrets a cement like substance to glue itself onto you and blood thinners to help it feed. It can then transmit a bacterium that can wreak untold havoc: dozens of doctors, years of treatment, lost income, lost school time, and piles of unpaid medical bills; the lack of emphasis placed on Lyme disease by many in the medical and governmental communities is astounding.

Lyme is serious. It can enter the central nervous system within hours of a tick bite. It can hide in the skin & joints, evade the immune system, mutate, change into forms unrecognizable to conventional antibiotics and can kill cells that are supposed to kill it. It can cross the placenta, cause birth defects and death of the fetus, and it can kill those infected.

Lyme can attack every system in the body and can mimic many other conditions including MS, ALS, CFS, FM, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and even an autism-like condition, reversed with treatment.

The bacteria can survive in stored blood under blood banking conditions, and Red Cross blood donor guidelines prohibit blood donations from those with chronic Lyme disease.

Our children are at the greatest risk of acquiring the disease, and they may spend years out of school due to its effects. Columbia University research has demonstrated a 22 pt. IQ drop in a Lyme patient, reversed with treatment. LDA and its CT affiliate, Time for Lyme, are partnering with Columbia to open an endowed research center for studying chronic Lyme disease. We are ~$200,000 away from opening the center.

Unfortunately, the monies our organizations can provide are relatively small, but research requires a monetary commitment commensurate with Lyme’s severity. Thus the need for the passage of federal companion bills S1479/HR3427. The Lyme community is deeply grateful for Senator Schumer’s dedication to passage of the federal legislation, which will culminate in a commitment from the government to develop a gold standard test, to evaluate the CDC surveillance criteria, to provide physician education and prevention strategies, and to form a federal task force to coordinate Lyme disease efforts.

Lyme disease does not discriminate, nor does it confer immunity. It does not require any risky behavior beyond walking the dog, jogging, or playing in the backyard. The only thing standing between you, your family, and Lyme disease may be the power of these new monies to unlock the secrets of these insidious tick-borne diseases and to curb the spread of the tick vectors now threatening us, our families and even our pets.

Thank you.