Responses Countering CDC’s MMWR Limiting Lyme Disease Treatments

Responses are beginning to come in from organizations and doctors regarding CDC’s limiting of Lyme disease treatments for patients. We will update this list as we continue to receive and review them.  As you review each link, if there is an opportunity to respond, please do so.

1) LDA Responds to CDC Limiting Lyme Disease Treatment

2) International Lyme & Associated Diseases Society (ILADS), Leaders in Lyme Disease Education and Training, Letter to the Editor

3) Lorraine Johnson, JD, Raphael B. Stricker, MD. PubMed Commons Comment
Chronic Lyme Disease Treatment: Science versus Anecdotes.

4) Samuel Shor, MD, President of International Lyme & Associated Diseases Society (ILADS). PubMed Commons Comment

5) Sin Hang Lee, MD, Director of Milford Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory. PubMed Commons Comment
See 2017 Jun 18, 9:00 p.m. comment on link below

6) Elizabeth Maloney MD, President, Partnership for Tick-Borne Diseases. Watch video of her comments below.

7) Dorothy Kupcha Leland Response from Blog, Touched by Lyme

8) Huffington Post Response
An Open Letter to Editors of The Washington Post About Journalistic Ethics & Integrity by David Michael Conner
Article in the link below is lengthy. Make sure you scroll to the end to finish reading.

 9) Outbreak News Today – audio interview of Lorraine Johnson, JD by Robert Herriman
Lyme advocate discusses CDC MMWR Chronic Lyme article