This section contains information on legislation that has been introduced and/or passed by the federal government. It includes sections that contain the position the Lyme Disease Association (LDA) has taken on various bills, if any, and information on how to contact your legislator; and what you can do to help specific laws be passed or defeated. Additionally, there is a section on various government departments. From time to time, the LDA will post articles from the departments/agencies in these sections that pertain to Lyme disease that might be of interest or importance to the public, including policies being considered or adopted.

It is important for the LDA to take a lead role in forming relationships with all levels of government. Laws and policy decisions often affect how Lyme disease is viewed by the public and physicians, and LDA needs to clearly articulate the problems which are created by government actions or which can be rectified by government actions. Additionally, we need to ensure that the information presented to government officials is accurate and supported by science.

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