How Safe Are Topical NSAIDs Like Voltaren Gel?

Topical NSAIDs

The People’s Pharmacy on 02.04.2024, published the article “How Safe Are Topical NSAIDs Like Voltaren Gel?” When the FDA approved topical NSAIDs like Voltaren Gel, it was initially seen as a safer alternative for localized pain relief in conditions like arthritis and is supposed to be a safer alternative to oral NSAIDs like ibuprofen and naproxen, which can come with some serious side effects including stomach irritation and bleeding ulcers.

The article references studies and reviews to evaluate the safety and efficacy of topical NSAIDs. Short-term use for pain relief in acute conditions such as sprains, strains and overuse injuries, appears to have minimal serious side effects, but long-term use for chronic musculoskeletal pain shows limited effectiveness compared to placebo.

Systemic side effects from topical NSAIDs are reported as minimal, but the evidence quality is deemed low. However, some individuals experience adverse reactions to topical NSAIDs, including elevated blood pressure and skin irritation. The article presents both positive and negative experiences with Voltaren Gel, highlighting the individual variability in response to the medication. The article encourages readers to weigh the risks and benefits of using topical NSAIDs like Voltaren Gel.

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