Vertical transmission of TBDs in Ticks

American dog tick with eggs
Photo Courtesy of Jim Occi, PhD., Rutgers University

Parasitology Research (Ravindran, R., et al.) 2.17.23, published “Transovarial transmission of pathogenic protozoa and rickettsial organisms in ticks.” This article provides a review and updated summary of previous reports of vertical transmission of pathogens, transovarial transmission (TOT), which is the transmission of an infectious agent from parent to offspring via infection of the developing egg. This mode of transmission has been observed in many tick vectors and may increase potential for spread of diseases. 

The review summarizes what has been found for TOT transmission in the genera Babesia, Theileria, Rickettsia and Anaplasma in various tick vectors and shows that TOT contributes to the maintenance of disease in the environment without the need for feeding on infected hosts.

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