LDA Recent Lyme Legislation Testimony

NH, ME, OR, CT: A number of states have recently introduced various Lyme legislation and LDA has submitted testimony to legislative Committees in New Hampshire, Maine, Oregon, and Connecticut in the past 2 months.

In New Hampshire, the bill HB0363 which authorizes legislature to declare May Lyme Disease Awareness Month and requires link on state website to ILADS was passed by the House with an amendment and is now in the Senate.  Link to LDA Testimony     Link to Bill

In Maine, An Act To Improve Access to Treatments for Lyme Disease, (LD 422 HP 289) was referred to Committee in both Houses for concurrence.  Link to LDA Testimony     Link to Bill

In Oregon, Senate Bill 916 was introduced into Senate Committee which allows professionals treating and diagnosing Lyme to do so consistent with ILADS guidelines and other provisos. 

Link to LDA Testimony  Link to Bill

In Connecticut, Senate Bill 207 would provide funding for Lyme disease prevention programs in Connecticut and funding to develop and implement a regional community prevention program for Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses utilizing the BLAST Lyme disease prevention program model. $170,000 would be for DPH to develop social marketing campaign on prevention and S280,000 to develop/implement prevention using the BLAST model. It is now # 76 on the Senate calendar.  Link to LDA Testimony     Link to Bill