Top 10 LDA Resources To Deal With Ticks

We are constantly trying to provide products and services to help raise awareness.  Please take a few minutes and review what the LDA’s top picks on its website have been over the years.

 Click on pictures for links to web pages.

TickLES (Kids’ 14 min prevention video)
Order Free Brochures (limited to 200)
  Other Tick-Borne Diseases (co-infections) Dr. Referral (connect to Lyme-literate doctors nationally)
  How A Tick Can Make You Sick (prevention PowerPoint geared to kids, schools & scouts)    Lyme Disease Case Maps (where & how much US Lyme)
  Medical Photos (ticks, rashes and microscropic images)    How to Remove a Tick & Prevention
  Public Service Announcements (free PSAs for your own use)   LDA Printable Materials