24 February 2018

By Marcus A. Cohen, Published 2004

LDA Ebook Note, 2018: Don't understand the Lyme issues and need a place to start? Lyme Disease Update: Science, Policy, & Law, published in 2004 by the Lyme Disease Association Inc. (LDA), is a resource book which summarizes the contentious issues in the prior decades of Lyme including some early legal actionsThe LDA is pleased to now be able to offer an Ebook for free download :  Kindle   Ibook   PDF

The book is a must for busy physicians who lack time to read the peer-review on Lyme disease and for patients who have been refused treatment or even a Lyme diagnosis, the doctor perhaps citing a negative test (the book documents seronegativity) or the patients’ lack of conformity to the CDC criteria, which are meant for surveillance purposes only─the reference is cited in the Update.  


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16 February 2017

Does your child have Lyme disease? Does he or she feel alone and not know what to expect from family and friends? In line with the Lyme Disease Association’s long tradition of helping children, it has published a book for children 8-12 who have Lyme disease. Entitled Lyme Disease Is No Fun: Let’s Get Well!, the book is written by Mary Wall MS Ed, CCLS, a Columbia graduate student, and is edited by Colleen M. Smith, a peer-review medical journal production editor and Johns Hopkins grad─each has battled Lyme disease as a child. Author Amy Tan has written the back cover note.


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