Welcome to the NEW Lyme Disease Association Website!

This website has many updated features and new information. New top menus provide you with easy access to categories such as the doctor referral system, the LDA grant program, resources available to you. Newly created LDA graphs, reports and maps show the number of cases of Lyme disease nationwide and in specific states using CDC reported case numbers. LDA provides a place to order free brochures, view video clips of scientific conferences free, and order low priced videos and books about Lyme disease in the new shopping cart. Over a thousand photos can show you the rashes of Lyme and other tick-borne diseases, types of ticks, and photos from events all across the nation where LDA or associated organizations have played a role in the activities.

A new school section provides you with written information on the issues of children with Lyme and contains a prevention Powerpoint presentation everyone can view or use as a teaching tool right from the site on their own computer. In the classrom, it can be used as a full 40 minute period or it can be used as 4 individual modules of 10 minutes each to be used over a period of days. A list of school resources is provided. A site search enables you to pinpoint quickly what you are seeking and functions often allow you to print or email the information.

The site is a work in progress and LDA hopes that you will find information here which may help prevent you from acquiring tick-borne diseases or may help you and your family get help if you have already been infected. LDA also presents information on what it is doing to help prevent the spread of tick-borne diseases and to help find a cure for chronic Lyme disease.