Texas Motto- Working to Give Lyme The Boot!

Contrary to popular opinion, they DO have Lyme disease in Texas! The wooded area south of Austin, Texas- in the Texas hill country- is a popular home to the white-tailed deer, whose numbers probably exceed that of the human population. It is reported they trounce on people’s front and back porches browsing on plants and dropping ticks along the way.

For that reason, Harriet Bishop, President of Texas Lyme Disease Association (TXLDA), sees great interest in April and October of every year, when her support group rents a booth at the beautiful Community Recreation and Resource Center just below Canyon Dam at Canyon Lake, Texas for the Marketdays Celebration. The events, Harriet reports, are attended by thousands from all over Texas.

While visitors are at the Marketdays Celebrations, the Texas Lyme Disease Association’s fifteen foot banner proclaiming "Give Lyme The Boot!" can be found prominently displayed high on the wall where it can be seen above the crowd of people. Visitors can watch the Lyme documentary, "Under Our Skin", as it is being played on a laptop computer.

October 2010- Pictured left to right under the Give Lyme the Boot banner are- Kristi Broadway, Director of the Community Recreation & Resource Center, and Harriet Bishop, President of Texas Lyme Disease Association. Harriet, a mother of 5, grandmother of 15 and great-grandmother of 5 additional children, continues to be very active in Lyme disease advocacy.



TXLDA volunteers distribute Lyme brochures provided by their national affiliate, the Lyme Disease Association (LDA), ILADS, and also give away a plentiful supply of their own Texas brochures. Public Health Alert newspapers are also given to the public, free of charge, along with attractive green ribbons. Harriet reported the lime green glow-in-the-dark bracelets are a very popular item and can be purchased at the event for a tiny donation.

The Texas Lyme Disease Association (TXLDA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. To visit the website, click here https://www.txlda.org/