Tarsus Pharmaceuticals Announces Initiation of Phase 2a Trial of Lyme Disease Prevention Therapeutic

As reported on on November 9, 2022, from Tarsus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (GLOBAL NEWSWIRE) Tarsus “is developing TP-05, an oral, non-vaccine therapeutic for the prevention of Lyme disease, which is currently being studied in a Phase 1b clinical trial.”

Lyme Disease Prevention Therapeutic
Deer Tick Questing
Photo Credit: James Occi, PhD

According to, Tarsus indicates it believes TP-05  is “the only non-vaccine drug-based preventive therapeutic in development that targets and kills infected tick vectors before they can kill Borrelia burgdorferi….” This formula provides rapid systemic blood levels of lotilaner, an anti-parasitic agent.

Further information on TP-05 from the company indicates it also has the potential to cause death of mosquitoes that transmit malaria.

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