Rocky Mt. Forum Educates Attendees & Makes CBS News Denver

About 90 people attended the First Rocky Mountain Forum on Lyme and other tick-borne diseases in Colorado. Experts on aspects of the 2016 Ison tickGiant tick, Ison White, invades Colorado forum! diseases spoke about the spread of tick-borne diseases across the US and the world; the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme; the fact that Borrelia burgderferi is present in a tick, Ixodes spinipalpus, in the region; and that other tick-borne diseases are infecting people in Colorado. Safety for fire fighters and other high risk outdoor occupations was presented, and a veterinarian discussed TBDs in dogs and cats in Colorado and the US.

The national non-profit, Lyme Disease Association, Inc., sponsored the event which was hosted by Biting Back: Elevating Tick Awareness in Colorado.

CBS Channel 4 did in depth interviews of Dr. Dan Cameron, Immediate Past President of the International Lyme & Associated Diseases Society, and Pat Smith, President, Lyme Disease Association, Inc. A clip of the event and interviews were run right after the event, and a story on Lyme and TBDs may be forthcoming soon.

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ghost mooseSo many ticks are now on moose that they rub against trees to try to get rid of the ticks, scrapping off their hair, thus their ghostly appearance. Many are dying due to number of ticks which weaken them.

2016 Dr.Cameron Colorado ForumDr. Dan Cameron, Immediate Past President of International Lyme & Associated Diseases Society

2016 Colorado Forum Group2

2016 Colorado Forum Group3Toni Toelle, CO Wildland firefighter; Dr. David Martz, CO physican who has personal experience with Lyme; Monica White & Nancy Wrigly co-hosts for the event; Pat Smith, LDA President