LDA: 2015 US Lyme Cases Approaching 400,000


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LDA: 2015 US Lyme Cases Approaching 400,000

The Lyme Disease Association (LDA) reports that the total number of Lyme cases in the US is now approaching 400,000 per year.
The report is based upon the just released CDC’s MMWR final reported Lyme case numbers for 2015.  The 3 states with the highest case numbers are from the Mid-Atlantic region: Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York.  These three states constitute 48% of the Lyme case numbers in the US.  LDA president Pat Smith said “Lyme case numbers continue to surge, yet government is doing little to combat this massive epidemic, which destroys families and costs lives.”

The LDA has ranked the top 15 states based on those CDC reported Lyme case numbers.


The table below has state, followed by CDC reported number, and the number adjusted by a factor of 10 for underreporting.
Total US 38,069——————————————————380,690


1. Pennsylvania 9,048———————————————– 90,480

2. New Jersey 4,855————————————————- 48,550

3. New York 4,314 (combined NYC & upstate) *————  43,140

4. Massachusetts 4,224——————————————– 42,240

5. Connecticut 2,541———————————————— 25,410

6. Wisconsin 1,894————————————————– 18,940

7. Minnesota 1,805————————————————– 18,050

8. Maryland 1,728————————————————— 17,280

9. Virginia 1,539——————————————————15,390

10. Maine 1,201—————————————————– 12,010

11. Rhode Island 904———————————————— 9,040

12. Vermont 710—————————————————— 7,100

13. New Hampshire 529——————————————– 5,290

14. Delaware 435—————————————————-  4,350

15. Iowa 318———————————————————– 3,180

* Many counties (19 in 2014) in New York State investigated a sample of positive laboratory results. The number of Lyme cases was then extrapolated to generate estimates of the total number of cases in that particular county. The CDC says it cannot publish averages, thus many counties in NY do not have their numbers reported out by CDC.  The LDA does not know how many NY counties in 2015 are contained in the CDC numbers above.

2014 US Case Map


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