LDA Salutes Russ Cornelius!

                                 American Red Cross, 2009 Heroes of Western Connecticut 
Photo_2009_012.jpg (39182 bytes)Russell Cornelius-Community Health Impact Award 
Brookfield, CT resident Russ Cornelius is an advocate for tick-borne disease education and awareness. Russ is a founding member of the Brookfield Lyme Disease Task Force and as the part of a Brookfield Rotary project he helped promote a First Aid Kit for Tick Removal and helped implement a Lyme disease education program, Time For Lyme, Inc Curriculum., that is now part of Brookfield’s education program. Russ has also helped bring LDA educational awareness programs to Connecticut. Countless people are better equipped to prevent, prepare for and respond to tick-borne related emergencies, thanks to his relentless efforts and impact to provide knowledge of Lyme and other tick-borne diseases.