LDA Presents: One Presentation You Missed

The settlement between the Attorney General of Connecticut and the IDSA over the 2006 IDSA Lyme disease guidelines was historic yet much of the agreed upon process was left under IDSA control. Not only did IDSA get to choose the panel members, thereby restricting the range of opinions represented, it also set the hearing length, location and date. Most importantly, IDSA retained the power to select the speakers, including those challenging the guidelines. Among those not chosen is Dr. Betty Maloney. This is disappointing because Dr. Maloney wrote 6 evidence-based challenges to the recommendations on prophylaxis, early Lyme disease, late neurologic Lyme disease, post-treatment Lyme disease, the list of not recommended therapies and the use of clinical judgment in Lyme disease. Some of her points were taken up by other ILADS presenters but the strength of her material is best understood when seen as a whole. Here is the PowerPoint presentation (Save to your computer when prompted.  Microsoft PowerPoint program is needed to view.) she would have presented to the panel had she been selected . The text of her narrated slides can also be down loaded here.